2008 YMA Hawaii Trip

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Reflections of Hawaii

Visiting the Different Temples and doing services there by Valerie Chun

Throughout our time in Hawaii, we had the pleasure of visiting many different temples around the island of Oahu. Our first stop was at the Hawaii Betsuin for Sunday service. It was great to see inside of the large, beautiful hondo and attend a service there. During our stay in Waialua, we participated in one service inside the hondo; it was amazing to learn how old it was and see how well it has been taken care of over the years. For the remaining services, we led all of them outside as to enjoy the sunrise, sunset, or simply the beautiful place that we were in. We also paid short visits to Wahiawa and Kailua, where we were greeted so warmly, and were given the opportunity to prepare the onaijin and run services on our own. Our final visit was in Honolulu at the Moiliili Temple; we were guided by Rev. Matsumoto, but instructed to lead the service just the way we wanted rather than the way he usually does.

It was a very valuable being able to prepare and coordinate everything ourselves in different places. We are all sincerely grateful for all of the hospitality that we received during our stay in Hawaii, because without it our trip would not have been nearly as successful as it was.

Services at the BSC by Valerie Chun

Every morning at the Buddhist Study Center, Shoshinge is chanted at 8 am. In addition to attending these early services, four or five of us chanted the Wassans with other reverends who were in attendance. Through this we were able to chant the Gyofu version, which many of us had never chanted, and learn different onaijin practices, such as when to close the service book. It was the BSC that we also first met Rev. Muneto and Bishop Okano. They both welcomed and commended us for our involvement in the youth programs and encouraged us to continue to be active in the BCA. In the end, we were left with inspiring words to think about and remember from our trip to Hawaii.

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