2008 YMA Hawaii Trip

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Reflections of Hawaii

Shrimp Truck by Lauren Hiroshima

We took the scenic route to get to Waialua Buddhist Temple. Before arriving at the Temple, we went on a quest to find Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck. Jim Shimomaye, who was one of the advisors on the trip, said that they served garlic shrimp that was really good. After passing by many look alike shrimp trucks, we had unsuccessfully fulfilled our quest to find Giovanni’s and continued on to our primary destination, Waialua Temple. I try to steer clear of shrimp but after hearing how good it was, I decided that one taste from the shrimp truck wouldn’t hurt. Reverend Kobata, Jim, Hishi, and I went during our free time to continue our journey for Giovanni’s. When we had finally found the place there was a truck that had “Giovanni’s” written in red, with permanent marker marks all over the truck from people stating that they had been there. I don’t like the taste of shrimp and I don’t like the texture of shrimp, but I took a bite into Giovanni’s shrimp and tasted its garlicky goodness and soft texture. If it weren’t for being open minded, I would have never seen the shrimp truck or even have experienced the moments we shared there. If you don’t like something the first time, sometimes trying it again for a second time, in a different way can change your mind. While everyone else was tanning on the beach and cliff jumping we were enjoying some delicious shrimp. But, we were nice and brought some back for everyone.

Gathering with Honolulu YBA by Lauren Hiroshima
After we heard a very informative lecture by Dr. Alfred Bloom, we headed to Moiliili Buddhist Temple where we led service and had dinner with the Honolulu District YBA. They had set up an array of food that included some kalua pork, Korean food, and of course mac salad! Honolulu YBA planned a fun night of entertainment. We played one game where there were three teams and the announcer asked for certain items that could be found in your purse or pockets. Everyone with a purse had most of their contents on the table so things were easier to grab. I had the winning item which was a MAC lipstick! After the game, we made ojuzus and used “lava rocks” as the beads. Then the Honolulu YBA introduced a song to us. They used the song “Spread a Little Aloha,” and took all the words that say ‘aloha’ and replaced them with ‘Amida.’ Meeting with the Honolulu YBA allowed us to make new friendships, making that night a very memorable one.

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