2008 YMA Hawaii Trip

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Reflections of Hawaii

Nighttime activities by Courtney Kashiwagi

During our stay in Oahu, we stayed at the Waialua Hongwanji Mission a few nights. Waialua is sort of located in the middle of nowhere, and in order to get to the temple, we had to drive on an unpaved dirt road. To keep us entertained at night, one of our advisors, Jim Shimomaye, came prepared with games for us to play. These activities were always entertaining and contributed a lot to the countless memories that we all made together on the trip.

One of the most memorable games was called, “The winds are blowing if…” To play this game, we set-up a circle of chairs, and one person was left to stand in the middle of the circle. The person in the middle would then say something like, “The winds are blowing if you are in college.” Then all the people were in college would get-up from their chair and run to any other available chair that was not next to them, leaving the person who reacted the slowest in the middle of the circle. As this game went on, the phrases got more outrageous, and we all got more physical with each other as we battled for an available chair. At the end of the game, we were all laughing really hard, and sweating really bad.

Another night at Waialua, some of us decided to go ghost hunting. We had been asking a lot of locals about ghost stories, and many of them told us that the area around Waialua was haunted. So around midnight, we went out looking for some ghosts, fully equipped with flashlights and a video camera. Everyone was scared out of their minds as we clung to each other and walked away from the temple and into the darkness. As we were straining our eyes in the dark, we saw something move in the distance, and we ran back to the temple screaming because we all thought there was something out there. It turned out to only be a dog. Later, as we looked back on the footage from the video camera, our ghost hunting expedition ended up looking something like the Blair Witch Project.

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