2008 YMA Hawaii Trip

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Reflections of Hawaii

Bed & Breakfast by David Fukunaga

One part of the Hawaii trip that I’ll never forget is the Bed and Breakfast that we utilized as our showering facilities and advisor sleeping quarters while we lived out of Waialua Hongwanji. Every night and every morning, since there were no showers at the temple, we were shuttled four or five at a time to this house to take a shower. The girls showered in the bathroom upstairs while the guys roughed it in the slightly exposed outdoor shower. I, like most of the other males took all my showers outside and actually found it to be more pleasant than I expected. Its openness, while seemingly indecent, provided an enjoyably cool sensation to the person showering.

The Bed and Breakfast was run and owned by a Jamaican looking guy without a Jamaican accent by the name of Cab. He very much favored a more “natural” setting, hence the outdoor shower. He was a really nice guy and tried to make us as comfortable as possible, but sometimes his tastes weren’t for everyone. I remember he offered me some of the strangest smelling tea that I couldn’t muster up the courage to try. It was a unique experience in a raw, organic setting on this tropical island that I have decided was a lot of fun. I’m not sure yet if I would be willing to go back, but I would almost recommend this place to someone looking to stay near Waialua. However, be warned that this is no four star hotel. Heck, it’s probably not one star either.

Night time activities by David Fukunaga

Many do not know the secret lives of the YMAs. What really happens after that sunset service, after that home cooked dinner? Well, that’s when the YMAs come out to play. People always speculate about why we’re so tired during the day, but I’m going to let you in a little secret.

While there are many things we like to do at night that range from the caterpillar team building exercise to cooking dashi, in Hawaii we kept ourselves amused with everything from brainteasers supplied by the advisors, the game Scattergories, jamming on ukuleles, late night excursions to the store and even just eating more. We stay up ‘til the wee hours of the morning doing all sorts of things. Then we pass out as we try to get a few hours of sleep before service in the morning. Life is tough as a YMA.

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