2008 YMA Hawaii Trip

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Reflections of Hawaii

Cliff Jumping in Waimea by Travis Suzaka

Taking a break from our busy schedule of visitations and session, the Youth Minister Assistants decided to take advantage of the pristine beaches of the north shore. After arriving at the famous Waimea Bay, everyone sprinted to the cool blue water. After floating around for a while, we noticed a school of millions of fish was circling below us. It was an amazing sight to snorkel through the cloud of fish as they slowly followed one another, creating a passage way as I swam by.

Soon after, the group decided to attempt the 24ft jump rock. Shaking and trying not to fall while climbing up, it was a lot higher at the top looking down. Nervous and slightly dizzy, I began to think if I really wanted to do this. My heart was racing as I looked at all my fellow YMA’s having the same melt down. It finally dawned on me that this opportunity to take this plunge with my close friends would not come again. 20All of us were together, sharing in our tense feelings and encouraging each other while coping with our own nerves. I then decided to take my pre-jump anxiety and put it behind me. I had no idea what was going to happen, but all I could do was jump forward. One step and off I jumped. A moment later I came up to the surface with slight pain but filled with joy. Returning to shore, people could barely speak and hands shaking, with smiles of joy and excitement. It was a bonding experience for everyone who jumped. I would not have jumped if I was the only one there. But having the support and encouragement of your closest friends, I felt like I could do anything.

The Waimea Jump Rock was an eye-opening experience that reflected on other parts of my life. New troubles frequently come at us quick and often we don’t know the outcome. But life does not stop so we have to keep moving, only taking steps forward. Buddhism teaches us that each step is precious and not to take it for granted. Whether a step along a path or a step off a 24 ft rock, the outcome might hurt a little, but the joy of an amazing experience overcomes any pain felt before.

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