2008 YMA Hawaii Trip

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Reflections of Hawaii

Brandon the Lotus by Tessa Asato

After having a session with Dr. Tanabe, he gave us a lotus flower symbolizing the significance of enlightenment. We were inspired from Dr. Tanabe’s session and found his gift very delicate. This lotus flower meant so much to us that we decided to give it a name, we named it the first one we could think of after overhearing Keith calling for “BRANDON!” Ever since we named this lotus flower Brandon, it’s petals would fall off every day and soon died on our last day of the retreat. Brandon was a significant gift and we took him everywhere we went, took care of him, and treated him as if he were one of us. As strange as it sounds, we had a wonderful time with Brandon and formed great memories with him. Brandon’s life was a perfect example of how beautiful and short life is, and we should cherish every moment.

On Tuesday we arrived at Wahiawa temple and met up with their small yba. Although they didn’t have many members, they had a couple there from different temples of Oahu who were eager to see yba members from out of state. The yba had many newly high school graduates and were very welcoming and friendly. They shared and talked stories of how they roll in Hawaii and the differences among their temples. We ate pizza and had many different kinds of hawaiian fruit as supper and had a blast getting to know hawaii’s yba.

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