2008 YMA Hawaii Trip

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Reflections of Hawaii

Outdoing Expectations by Melissa Komoto

As I packed my bags for my highly anticipated trip to Hawaii, about a million different scenarios went through my head. With this trip being my first to Hawaii I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. I mostly imagined the cliché trip to Honolulu: expensive hotels, beach time, and some generic sightseeing. Since it was a YAC trip, I threw 3 services a day and multiple temple visits into my imaginary itinerary. Once I arrived in Hawaii, I found out very quickly that this was not going to be the typical Hawaiian vacation. It was completely different than I had expected; I loved it.

We “roughed it.” We slept on floors covered in red dirt and took showers outside. We tolerated the intense heat with no air conditioning and dress clothes on. We cooked our own meals and took responsibility for ourselves. It was definitely not the cliché that I had imagined and I’m so grateful that I was privileged to the experience. This was a once in a lifetime trip. I was able to share the adventure with great friends and expand my horizons. Very few people will ever experience Hawaii like I experienced and I will forever cherish it.

All Pineapple-ed Out by Melissa Komoto

There were numerous fun and memorable events that took place while we were in Hawaii. In fact there are probably too many to list them all. One that I distinctly remember is the Dole Plantation. Interestingly enough the most memorable part was not the actual plantation itself, but the dole whip. If you don’t know, dole whip is pineapple flavored soft serve ice cream. It is absolutely delicious, but dangerously sweet. There were a few of us who ordered some tasty pineapple treats. I ordered a hard plastic pineapple filled with pineapple juice and of course, dole whip. It was so yummy! I drank as much of it as I could fit in my belly. A little bit later, my fellow retreaters and I started to regret the pineapple binge. After we had all finished, I swear you could see the sugar running through our veins. It felt as if the pineapple dessert was injected directly into our systems. Most of us had to just sit down and let the sugar sickness wear off. I had my fill of pineapple for a good amount of time after that escapade.

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