2010 Fall College Conference at the JSC

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Sponsored by the Center for Buddhist Education and YAC.
Dates: Friday-Sunday, October 15-17, 2010
Location: Jodo Shinshu Center, Berkeley, CA
Theme: “O Buddha, Where Art Thou?”
Cost: $35
Schedule: TBA but event will start at 6pm Friday and conclude at noon on Sunday.
Download: Please download the Registration form.
Registration Deadline: October 4, 2010. Please make checks out to “BCA-CBE” and mail completed forms to BCA-CBE, 2140 Durant Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94704.
* Open to high school seniors with waiver
* Dorm lodging included. Please bring sleeping bag.
* Registration deadline is Oct 8th?? (give us a week to plan given final headcount)
* We would like to collect reg in cash if possible.

1. Hishi Oto
2. David Chin
3. Stacy Kamimura
4. Gregg Yasuda
5. Leslie Hamachi
6. Kelsey Wong
7. Brandon Yanari
8. Derek Escano
9. Trevor Kinoshita
10. Hillary McElroy
11. Jonathan (Nishi)
12. Matthew Hamasaki
13. Jimmy Styles
14. Landon Yamaoka
15. Joy Sanwo
16. Stephanie Kubo
17. Lisa Horikawa
18. Sydney Shiroyama
19. Ryan Yamasaki
20. Miharu Okamura
21. Hideki Maniwa
22. Nicole Kawahira
23. Stephanie Yamada
24. Derek Shimozaki
25. Aime Paksukcharern
26. Lauren Hiroshima

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