2011 Southern Srs Spring Seminar

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2011 Southern Sr YBA Spring Seminar
Love & Buddhism 

Dates: Saturday- Sunday, April 2-3, 2011
Cost: $20, includes, 2 meals, facility use, guest speakers and workshop supplies.
Schedule: Registration starts at 10:30am, event concludes at noon on Sunday.
What to bring: Sleeping bag, pillow, toiletries, cash for Saturday dinner in J-Town, open mind.

1. Stacy Kamimura “i <3 senior yba!!! :D”
2. Kiyumi
3. Marisa Sanwo
4. Kelsey Wong “YAY LOVE”
5. Lisa Horikawa
6. Landon Yamaoka “=) cant wait to see everyone! and im pretty sure my idiot friend jake brown is NOT attending he is just messing around”
7. Sydney Shiroyama
8. Kat Hirayanagi “I generally try to avoid beef :)”
9. Lauren Hiroshima “Can’t wait!!! I’ll be there for Saturday only.”
10. Kristin Okino
11. Hideki Maniwa “Looking forward to seeing everyone!”
12. Ryoei Nanjo
13. Mari Kawasaki
14. Michael Yebisu
15. Stephanie Kubo
16. Kristen Tanaka
17. Courtney Kashiwagi “Saturday only for me too!”
18. Nicole Kawahira
19. Emily Yoshihara “I’ll be there for Saturday only”
20. Jimmy Styles

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