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About Jodo Shinshu Buddhism

Jodoshinshu Hongwanji-ha (“the True teaching of the Pure Land) aka Nishi Hongwanji

Shinran Shonin (1173-1263)

Amida Buddha – The Buddha of Infinite Light (space) and Life (time)

The Gohonzon (central object of reverence) can be depicted in three ways:

1. Chinese characters of Namoamidabutsu
2. Picture of the standing Amida Buddha
3. Standing Statue of Amida Buddha

The three principal Sutras of JodoShinshu are:

1. DAIKYO (Larger Sutra) – The larger sutra on the Buddha of Infinite Life.
2. KANGYO (Meditation Sutra) – The sutra of meditation on the Buddha of Infinite Life.
3. SHOKYO (Smaller Sutra) – The smaller sutra on the Buddha of Infinite Life.

Having awakened to the compassionate and enlightened activity of Amida Buddha, we shall endeavor to live a life of grateful service to others.

The Jodoshinshu Hongwanji-ha is a Sangha formed by people joined together in the joy of awakening to the compassionate wisdom of Amida Buddha.

We shall attempt at all times to:
1. Be humble and sincere in our words and deeds.
2. Be responsible citizens of our society.
3. Share with others the Teachings of Jodoshinshu.

Understanding the principle of causality, we shall not practice petitionary prayer, magic, astrology, and other superstitions.