The Young Buddhist Federation of North America is created at a conference held jointly by CYBL / Northwest YBL / Intermountain YBL, which became the charter members of the Federation.

After WWII, and in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of the BCA, the national group is reactivated as the National Young Buddhist Coordinating Council. After the experience of WWII, it was felt that leagues should be non-sectarian and should be free from Japanese influence, with the idea of coordinating the activities of all young Buddhists regardless of Nationality or denomination in America. The leaders wanted to be a true National group by including other Buddhists sects such as Nichiren, Koyasan, Zen, Jodo as well as Caucasian Buddhist groups. Any young Buddhist organizations that wanted to join were free to do so. The charter members were WYBL, Eastern YBL, and Intermountain YBL.

Unable to fulfill its idealistic objectives, the NYBACC reorganizes to a BCA affiliated National YBA at the 10th WYBL Conference.

The Buddhist Life Program is introduced by the NYBA for all young Buddhists. The NYBA also donates $5000 for the establishment of the Office of the BCA Youth Director.

The NYBA proposes a program for youth revitalization to be called the Relevant American Buddhist (RAB) program.

The NYBA adopts a resolution condemning America’s involvement in Southeast Asia.

The NYBA calls for a National Conference to discuss the future direction of the YBA movement in America.Representatives from the various segments of the Temple all join together at the Salt Lake Temple, passing a resolution calling for an all-out revitalization of the YBA movement.

The NYBA coordinates nationwide memorial services/observances in memory of all people who died during WWII internment and JA soliders who died in the war. These services coincide with the 35th anniversary of the signing of U.S. Executive Order 9066 establishing relocation centers for Japanese-Americans.

Since the NYBA was becoming inactive, it was decided at the national meeting in Los Angeles, to postpone elections for a year to determine whether the organization should disband. All duties and responsibilities were absorbed by WYBL.

Past Presidents of the NYBL
1937 Masaru Harada
1938 Unknown
1939 Unknown
1940 Takeo Yoshihara
1941 Manabu Fukuda
1948-51 Manabu Fukuda
1952-55 Mike Maruyama
1956-57 Kinji Hiramoto
1958-59 Tsukasa Saneto
1960-61 Kenji Osaki
1962-63 Yoshio Isono
1964-65 Mas Hashimoto
1966-67 Richard Kaneko
1968-69 Hugh Kodama
1970-71 Ken Tanaka
1972-73 Ken Nakano
1974-75 Ken Tanimoto
1976-78 Michael Koga
1979-81 Marshall Kido
1982 Brad Handa