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2014 Advanced Training 6 from August 15-17 2014 at the Sacramento Betsuin.


Dear Dharma Friends:

We hope you are enjoying this beautiful fall time of year. At your request we have been planning an Advanced Training Session to be held August 15-17, 2014 at the Sacramento Betsuin. We are planning for this session to be a great follow-up with more wonderful Dharma sessions.

Please note that there is an additional form that we are asking you to return. Please obtain your resident minister’s signature on the form (Minister’s Approval). This form is letting your minister know that in recommending you for advanced training they are willing to further train and encourage you. This is necessary as this session and future sessions will require your participation in services at your Temple. Additionally, please note the registration fee of $120 (made payable to the Sacramento Minister’s Assistants) along with the enclosed forms by July 30, 2014.   The check is made to the Sacramento Minister’s Assistant as we are using this account to budget the session. The transportation information can be sent later.

We are planning a very special weekend of unique activities and interesting classes. If you have any questions, please contact Patti Oshita at (916) 428-9833, See you at the Sacramento Betsuin!

2014_00_adv_train_letter logo_pdf
2014_01_adv_train_application logo_pdf
2014_02_adv_train_minister_approval logo_pdf
2014_03_adv_train_schedule logo_pdf
2014_04_adv_train_checklist logo_pdf
2014_05_adv_train_rules_conduct logo_pdf
2014_06_adv_train_medical_release logo_pdf
2014_07_adv_train_transportation logo_pdf

2014_adv_train_all in ZIP

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