November 2008
Brady+ Ekoku = Uh Oh (YouTube)

October 2008
College Conference Promo (YouTube)

September 2008
Scarlet Champagne goes to Service (Vimeo)
The Rope Game (Vimeo)

August 2008
Shoshinge’d (YouTube)
Ghost Hunting in Waialua (YouTube)
Sammy and Sydney at the Pearl City Obon (Vimeo)
Hawaii DVD (Vimeo)

July 2008
Kirsten dishes out the gifts (Vimeo)
A case of the Flakes? (Vimeo)
Enter the Onaijin (Vimeo)
Service at the JSC (Vimeo)
2008 Retreat-Obon March (Vimeo)
Buddha Charades (Vimeo)

October 2007
HippyHippyShake (YouTube)
Buddha Loves You (YouTube)
Hishi gets Mustache (YouTube)

August 2007
Grant Dharma Time (YouTube)

July 2007
Threetreat Caterpillar (YouTube)
Obon at Sacramento (YouTube)
Double Reunion Skit (YouTube)

March 2007
Sammy n Brent Skipping (YouTube)
Brett Summersalt (YouTube)

January 2007
YAC Summit Promo Group 1 (YouTube)
YAC Summit Promo Group 2 (YouTube)
YAC Summit Promo Group 3 (YouTube)