From Arizona to San Diego to Ventura, Southern District Jr. encompasses the Southern portions of California, Arizona and Nevada. Consisting of 13 Chapters and approximately 300 members, SDJYBL has year-round activities that are both social and religious . Whether it’s deep religious study, dancing, bball, bowling, discussion groups, or sleeovers; there’s a little something for everybody. And that is just on the District level! Many chapters get together in the smaller more intimate setting of a inter-chapter activity.

TYPES OF ACTIVITIES Jam Session The first District event of the year. The first two months (September and October), each chapter spends time getting to know its own members. So, traditionally, in November, a big get-to-know-you is held. Jam Session is an overnight activity and usually consists of social activities like games, icebreakers, shows, and a dance. All of which is followed by a broomball session at 1pm in the morning. Past activities have also included trips to Palace Park (miniature golf and arcade), and a city-wide scavenger hunt. Traditionally held at OCBC, it is one of the largest attended activities of the year. Seminars There are traditionally three Seminars held throughout the year. Seminar 1 in Jan, Seminar 2 in March, and Seminar 3 in June. Seminars are one-day conferences held at Temples, consisting of religious workshops followed by a dance.

Seminar 3 that is done up at Camp Morningstar in the San Gabriel Mountains near Lake Arrowhead. An overnight weekend event, members not only participate in relgious workshops, but can engage in other activities like archery, canoeing, midnight hikes, tree planting, swimming, bonfires, star-gazing, and hoot-n-nannys. Delegates stay in cabins and everyone gathers in the lodge for activities.

Religious Study Classes There are 5 Study Class sessions throughout the year, each class covers a various topic on Buddhism. The classes are led by one of the Southern District Ministers. Classes are generally $25 for all 5 classes, and anyone who attends a majority of the classes along with an essay is recognized at the Conference banquet.

Leadership Retreat/Workshops A gathering of the So. Dist. Cabinet officers and top youth leaders of the Chapters. The leaders get together for a weekend to build leadership skills and discuss various issues regarding the League. This is usually another overnight event, which allows the leaders time to get to know each other.

Murder Mystery Night An interactive Clue-type game. A performing troop of devoted asian-american performing artists and actors endeavor to service the Temple Community get together to host the Mystery. the troop is led by Chris Komai along with actor Rodney Kageyama. Jr. YBA members try and follow the story and interact with the actors to try and solve the murders.

Volleyball and Basketball Tournaments Hosted by the So. Dist. Cabinet and run by the SD Athletic Chairs. Both events vary year to year, Volleyball is always co-ed, while Basketball varies depeding whether or not an individual Chapter bids to host a seperate co-ed Tournament, then the SD Tournament reverts to seperate girls/boys teams. Both tournaments are for fun and real serious in tone. Usually held at OCBC, the Volleyball tournament is traditionally held in Feb and the Basketball Tournament in Mar/Apr. This is done to accomodate CIF high-school rules regarding members of high-school teams participating in sports competitions while their sport is in season

Rock-n-Bowl A bowling tournament followed by dinner and a dance, usually held at the host Temple.

The year-ending event, culminating in the last overnight activity, traditionally held at a Hotel. Hosted by different Chapters on a rotating basis, the Conferences have more than a 50-year tradition. Religious services and activities along with games all occur at Conference. There is also the tradtional panoramic picture of the delegates. A dress-up banquet ends the year’s activities with the distribution of awards, transfer of power to the new Cabinet and new President, then followed by what else…a dance.